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Books to Dreams

Books to Dreams, Inc. is a Connecticut based literacy program for children and parents in homeless shelters and children in need.

Through it's various programs Books to Dreams has been able to:

  • Give nearly 350,000 books to children in need
  • Provide thousands of books to over 130 organizations that provide services for children in need
  • Establish or add to over 60 permanent children's libraries
  • Provide over 500 literacy programs in homeless shelters and Head Starts to thousands of children and parents
  • For recent statistics and information about Books to Dreams, Inc, please see our current annual report


BTD taking a new direction

For the past 20 years, you have been with me as I follow my dream. The dream is, simply stated, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if all children could have their own books to read?" Many hundreds of dedicated volunteers and donors have made the rewarding journey with me, starting in 1993 with The Key Program at Holy Family Home and Shelter in Willimantic. It consisted of the first daily preschool in a shelter in the state, a daily individual homework/tutoring program for every child enrolled in school, and programs for toddlers and mothers. Some of you are still volunteering and donating 20 years later!



Famous Children's Authors' Letters FOR SALE!

These professionally framed original letters are from Beverly Cleary, Sid Fleischman, Marilyn Sachs, Richard Scarry, Charles Schulz, Donald Sobol and Bernard Waber from the 1980's.  They are personal letters written by the authors to my students and me when I was teaching.  They reveal some interesting facts about their lives at that time.

The letters have hung in our hallway for twenty years where they have inspired my family, friends and me.  Now, I have decided to sell these letters to raise needed funds for my non-profit literacy program for children in need, Books to Dreams, Inc.  These economic times have challenged me to be 'creative' in order to keep BTD's doors open.


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"Wouldn't it be wonderful if all children could have their own books to read?"
Miriam Stannard Epstein 
Director and Founder 

The Books to Dreams creed is that we "never ask for anything." Every donation has been freely given. We do not solicit or request contributions. This allows us to use most of our effort and energy to get books into the hands of the children. All connections are made through "word of mouth." We are most grateful for the success of this "grass roots" approach. BTD always needs and greatly appreciates monetary donations. more...

Books to Dreams, Inc. is a 501(3)c Non-profit Organization founded in 1996

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